We analyzed the 10,000 most successful founders of all-time, and here's the one thing they all had in common:
They started.

We are a community made of unique individuals who come together to learn & grow.

Graphic Design

We believe in turning  dreams into reality

There has never been a better time to do it.


They raise venture capital for a BIG IDEA. Don’t pay to become a person on salary at one of these startups, come in at the top, and pay the ones who did the hard work in the rat race college to build your vision. This isn’t fantasy land, this is opportunity land.


We aren't saying we love how the system is set up, that's why we are helping people escape it. Apply Below:

Startup College

Win big or learn,
spend nothing
Work on your dreams
Network with great people

Normal College

pay to learn outdated stuff to become a cog in the machine
Network with future cogs

Value Add Services We Give Our Founders

Press Release
Personal Website + SEO Package
Headshot Update
LinkedIn Review + Backup For Industry
Replace trick here with convince on a good idea…

Wealth is everything in this world.

Why have you failed to chase it? Wealth is freedom, the standard job cycle is the minimum needed to keep the average person happy. It’s a trap in a sense, there’s just so many humans in the trap it can feel normal when in it.

We live in a world where your actions for a few years can let you live like a king for the rest of your life and for some reason a fraction of us chase it.